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Internet of Things (IoT) using smart sensors, CCTV solutions and smart appliances to make smart buildings and smart cities. IoT in connected cars, smart cars, V2V communication and in VTS for cold chain transport. 

People Analytics, Predictive Maintenance Analytics, Learning Analytics, Demand Forecasting Analytics, Global Marketing and Business Development Demand Forecasting Analytics, etc.

Digital Marketing, International Trade, Business Broker Analytics based on Google Analytics

Wearables, Android Things, Glass, Android TV, Android Fridge, etc.

AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, and third party cloud usage and based apps

Video Management with Milestone, You Tube, etc.

BIM, and Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, etc.

Complex team management, networked teams, remote teams, complex problems, etc.

Online training and learning solutions, boot camps for corporate entities,  etc.


PerfectApps for Smart Life